4" Plain Mule Posing Shoes

$75.00 + GST

Sizes available: 5-11


4” Clear Heels Mule Slip-on by PleaserUSA

When ordering online, please read the below information on sizing and feel free to contact us to discuss further if needed, as posing shoe styles fit and feel differently on everyone. Come try on your shoes and get the best fit for you!

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Every style of posing shoes can fit and feel quite differently on - and that can be vary greatly from person to person. Your priority in selecting your shoes should be comfort and stability, rather than visual appeal. Competitors, I promise you, no one (especially the judges) will notice your feet or your shoes on stage, but they will certainly notice your poise, presentation and posing. In fact, that is one of the criteria you are scored on! The comfort of your posing shoes is a major contributor to your stage presence.

The plastic on posing shoes feels rigid at first, but softens up quite nicely. They will not overly stretch like a leather product, but there will be some give. A comfortably snug fit is best to provide a secure, stable fit and ensure that when the plastic stretches slightly, these shoes will be perfect on stage day.

With that said, here are some tips to consider with the Slip-on Mule shoes:

  • This style has a neutral arch position and works well for most women.
  • This style has the widest band of plastic across the top of the foot, providing additional coverage to hold the foot securely in place.
  • Slip-on style without any straps offers the convenience of easy on-off.