Chelsea LaBossiere, the owner, designer and fabricator, has been in the design and fashion industry for over twenty years, catering to the needs of consumers all over Alberta and British Columbia. Ten years ago she bought CABA Fashions from her mentor in British Columbia where she worked through her school years. Chelsea launched her own business venture, suiting the needs of her clients with swimwear focusing on the individual’s needs. Chelsea’s talents range from custom fit beach and pool swimwear, competitive fitness and bodybuilding suits all the way to plus size clients, leaving no body behind.

CABA Fashions is catered to Suiting You, whatever that may be. As a woman, Chelsea can appreciate the fact that we have the prerogative to express our individual style which is why she offers custom fitting and styling to make sure your every desire is met. With CABA you’ll be sure to blow your competition out of the water because you have the ability to add your own personal flair! Custom fittings and design offered by CABA gives you exclusive access to the hottest fashion trends out there and the classics you love ensuring that your active wear will reflect you, suit you and create a sense of uniqueness that cannot be re-embodied.

Knowing that each and every body is as unique as the individual and delivering on the high quality standards she has set for CABA is the focus of Chelsea’s passion. She wants to ensure CABA is Suiting You!

Beyond the suit - Although swimwear is one of her most popular requests, Chelsea also designs and creates fitness wear for sports including gymnastics, figure skating, dance, wrestling and the gym. Specialty needs don’t leave you out. Maternity, mastectomy suits, scar coverage or incorporation of medical paraphernalia can be achieved in a stylish custom suit because every woman deserves to be beautiful!